Yeah… so what

Yeah, so I’m back…

Like geez, don’t make a big deal out of it.


OK! Well, I haven’t blogged for a while for a number of reasons. There are two main ones…

By the way, listen to this whilst you read:

So I haven’t blogged for a while for a number of reasons. The main two will be provided as a rather short list (there are only two points in the list, after all…)

1. I’ve been busy doing the thing I was trying to advertise with the blogging

So, basically, I wanted to actually write! The blog was to just let people know I’d written a book, but despite the lack of posts I made, I did feel a lil like I was prioritising trying to blog over trying to write. That didn’t feel sensible to moi

So I stopped blogging. I started writing more. I started seeing friends more. I started playing guitar, and eating, and spending nights looking out of dark windows and listening to macabre music more. Point 1 falls heavily from the tree of point 2.

2. I’m a terrible blogger.

It really isn’t my cup of tea! At least, doing it properly isn’t my cup of tea. I enjoy reading other’s posts, but actually posting myself was something of a chore rather than a chance for fun.

I write because it’s cathartic. I also write because I feel that maybe the stories I have to tell are interesting.

Conversely, I blogged because I felt that as a ‘self-published’ author, it is the thing-to-do. It probably is! How else do you get your name out there, after all (apart from trying to get normally-published…).

But I did it because I felt I needed to.

I read the rule books. Blog with consistency= your readers know when to expect you = readers actually read what you write.

But I rarely wanted to write. Sometimes I did, don’t get me wrong. Times like tonight, I felt it would be the right thing to do, and I quite enjoyed it.

But I don’t possess the panache or wit of other bloggers to do it with the same consistency or skill. I’m a planner at heart – my books are matched by arguably larger volumes of plans and character files. I like the raindrops that turn into a tidal wave, all the little pieces coming together to form something magnificent which the spectator never saw coming until it suddenly becomes obvious that it had to be that thing. It had to be that eventuality that it was leading to.

I don’t manage to fall within that stream of comfort with blogging. The normal way, is not my way.

So I could say I’m going to stop blogging entirely. But I’m not. I’m just going to be more honest.

And hopefully with more honesty comes more interest.

I’m literally going to blog when I feel like it. Whereas lots of bloggers will say ‘every Tuesday and Thursday’ etc, I’m not going to say that. When I did say that, I failed to do it.

The cake is a lie.

I will blog when I feel I have something I really want to say. It’s how I am in real life (many people take me for being quiet or shy, but I just feel no compulsion to talk unless I have a point to contribute…….. and I’m quiet and shy). The issue will be that you’ll never know when I’m coming, though that’s a bit like the Night Circus and therefore exciting and mysterious.

The plus point is I will blog when I feel I have something interesting to say. What I think is interesting may not be what you think is interesting. But if that’s the case, you’re stoopid, because I’m always right.

Also, I guess an update on where I am with tings.

I’m writing book 2 of the Ezraeil series. Book 2 is called The Woman. It’s better than book 1. I’m planning to re-re-re-re-review book 1 and make the 12th stage of edits, because I feel in a much stronger place than before to do so.

That will be after I finish book 2 though, which will likely be finished in maybe another year.

Spoiler – EVERYONE DIES. Jokes, that’s not true. Or is it? There are so many levels to this faux-spoiler that it’s ridiculous. Basically, not everyone dies. Though ‘everyone’ is a flexible concept. What does ‘everyone’ really mean, after all?

It means your favourite character….

Or it doesn’t.


Who knows?

Ok, anyways…. part-2-of-my-life-which-you-might-be-interested-in: I’m reading other people’s books, and would like to review them. There is one in particular I would really like to write a review for, because it’s another indie writer’s book, and they have done an incredible job. I started reading it, expecting to have to do so only out of loyalty for the trade, but quickly came to realise it’s way better than my book.

Made me feel a bit shiznaz really. So screw you mystery-writer.

But I will review it. And tell you to read it.


This was suitable devoid of direction or structure.

I hope you loved it.

I will endeavour to be more interesting in the future, though I will not endeavour to alter my approach to the frequency of posts.

Luv yu all



“Then we’ll just be people of action,” Jonjon grinned, the smile giving Cora some strength.

“Ok then,” she agreed, stepping out of the car.

kinda-review: The Driver’s Seat by Muriel Spark

Happy Valentine’s day!

You know you’re a babe magnet when you’re spending your night blogging, drinking cheap red wine, and eating sweet popcorn because there was no salted.


Yesterday I went to my monthly book club, where we were discussing ‘The Driver’s Seat’ by Muriel Spark. It’s about a woman called Lise (I think), who buys some fancy clothes, leaves her sparse bedroom and travels to some unknown foreign city to look for ‘the one’.

I sat down at the book club, took my complimentary beer in one hand, and prepared my spiel. I use the word ‘spiel’ for an important reason. You see, I hadn’t actually read the book. So this review isn’t going to be great. This review is going to be a bit of a regurgitation of what other people said.

The story was written well, it was quick and easy to read, and it had an original plot. I know what happens, and there are some twists (so don’t read any online plots or synopses as they will spoil the ending), so it’s supposedly a bit of an intelligent read. Also, the jstor article that I read implies that repeat reads add even more to the depth of the character and the story.

But here’s the truth.

Supposedly it’s depressing, a little boring, and the main character is completely unlikable. Having not read it myself, and having only heard what other people had to say, I have to admit I’m interested in reading it. Even though I know what happens, and even though all the other people there said they wouldn’t recommend the book to someone else, I’d give it a go.

So anyway, what are you doing this Valentine’s day?

Sunday Recommendation – Keaton Henson

Listen whilst you read:

Did you like how I titled this post? ‘Sunday Recommendation’, as if this is something I normally do on a Sunday…

Currently I’m just very busy in my life, between work and writing, and a few extra curricular activities which leave me with very little free time. Being busy is good in some ways, I remember being sat in my university room some days and wishing I had more in my life except studying and far too much free time… Well now I’ve got my wish, and it’s very tiring. That’s why I haven’t done any more reviews in a while, or posted anything of much substance. I have a review planned, once I finish the book, but that might be a while. I was nearing finishing another book, and was going to review that, but I got pretty bored so…. I might go back to it.

I’m currently reading ‘A Construct of Angels’ by Andrew Toynbee (check out his blog at It’s very well written, and so far very enjoyable. It’s not my usual read, but that’s a good thing! I’ll put up more thoughts once I’ve finished it, though I’m only 11% of the way through.

So anyway. Keaton Henson. I first heard him in some Brit high school slasher flick called Tormented (not a bad film, though by no means amazing. It’s an alright way to pass an hour or two), with a song called ‘Dont Be Afraid’. It’s pretty different to the rest of his work, but I like both styles.

His other music is very atmospheric. Dark and heartbroken, but sweet and charming. For a stressed, busy person such as myself, I can put on one of his tracks and let myself fall into the music. It’s wonderful.

If you like music in the vain of Bon Iver, James Vincent McMorrow, Ben Howard (his ‘nighttime’ songs), the XX, basically anyone with a beautifully dark tone, then check him out.


Film review : Take Me Home Tonight

I tried to watch this film once before.

I got about 3 minutes in, where they are in the book store and Matt Franklin watches his friend Barry knock over a rack of films whilst trying to talk to a girl. I saw that, and thought ‘oh no, this film is going to be terrible’

So today I’m sat having a very lazy Saturday (had my hair cut, spent £40 on groceries, and that was about it) and watching films. I watched Wanderlust, and Batman Begins, and something else that I can’t remember. I got to about 9.30pm and decided to give this film another try. I love Rom Coms, and decided I would see if it improved past the 3 minute mark

It did.

It’s not the best film I’ve ever seen, but it successfully follows the ‘crazy night’ format. You know the one. Where a night starts by a group of friends heading out to a party that they shouldn’t be going to, and over the course of the night they all grow to be better people.

It’s a cliche, and one that has been done so often that there is a vast ocean of terrible films with this format. But Take Me Home Tonight manages to mark itself as a good film.

Not all the jokes hit the mark, but it’s saved by a number of key points.

I respected both sides of the RomCom relationship. Both Matt and Tori were strong characters. They weren’t necessarily well developed, but I like that both of them were strong human beings. After Wanderlust, and the dreadful person that Jennifer Aniston played (literally, I would have dumped that girl about 4,000 times through that film. I won’t go into the biggest irritation I had, as it’s a massive spoiler. Let’s just say it’s the issue discussed in the rain scene), seeing Tori be a strong female character who knew what she wanted and could be proactive about it (to an extent… I get that she is still essentially a secondary character to Matt) was endearing, and made me want the couple to get together.

And Matt’s cool. I’ve seen his character a hundred times before, but Topher Grace plays him very well (very much in line with his character in Win A Date With Tad Hamilton), and I liked that he behaved reasonably intelligently. He actually tried to get the girl, and said things that I wanted him to say, rather than not saying them just to prolong the film (does that make any sense?).

Basically, it’s a very solid RomCom. Give it time at the beginning, as I feel the film needs about 20-30 minutes to hit it’s stride, but once it gets going it is a very enjoyable ride.

I’d give it a 7/10. It would be a 4/10 for the beginning, and a 7.5/10 for the middle and end. I know that doesn’t mathematically balance out, but then a subjective experience like a movie viewing should certainly not be a mathematical challenge.

Oh, also, Anna Faris was very good in the film. You go girl! After a rather atrocious Scary Movie 4 (the last film I saw her in, despite the fact she has probably been in lots of other films), I was surprised to see her play a character without slapstick humour. It suited her.


Lan Marri

Young teenagers rushed about, trailing streamers and fabric. The festival was for them after all. Christian watched them go, wondering how they would look, and what place the world would be, when they were the last of mankind.

Elsewhere, walls were hidden under multi-coloured drapes of silk and wool, taking much inspiration from the decoration of the Silk Rose Council. As Christian walked the streets, a roof had almost been created overhead by the network of lanterns, baubles and streamers. There was a feeling of electricity on the air, infecting everyone about with excitement and joy. Men and women danced in the streets, their feet tapping to bouncing music, even though the festival was not yet for another day.

The height of the celebrations would be outside the building that housed the Silk Rose Council. The structure itself was a large marble building, built beautifully into the shape of a magnificent rose flower. From the tips of the petals cascaded flowing blue and red sheets of silk, the colours of Lan Marri. Around the building the preparations for the celebration were magnificent, the ground already covered in fake red rose petals, with a ring structure above the building holding a legion of smaller lights which coloured the immediate area in a flowing network of colour.

But somewhere in the city, Ghost would be waiting. Christian remembered the madman telling him to leave the Pyrychille somewhere safe at home, but what was the danger in Lan Marri? Christian had brought the Cylinder, not trusting Ghost enough to leave it back in Illa, and he felt its weight in his pocket. His nerves were burning, though not because of the celebrations. Ghost had promised him answers if he came to Lan Marri, and was there on the day of the festival.

Well he was in the city, and he had one day to go.


Hey y’all,

(There’s a new Lonely Island song on Youtube! YOLO… It’s not the funniest, and certainly lacks the magic of J*** In My Pants or I’m on a Boat, but it’s got a good tune.

So what did I do today?

I did some in indoor skiing! Or… I did some falling over on snow. One particularly impressive fall involved me doing a full 360 spin in the air, my skis detaching from my boots, and me landing solidly on the balls of my feet!

If you live in London, and you’d like to try skiing out, then I definitely recommend it. It’s difficult, and tiring, but something that I would defintely do again!

‘Something-sibilant’ Sunday

Starter Sunday

‘It wasn’t fair. Smiles came and went, flickering on his lips as fleetingly as a dying candle, until he couldn’t hide the hurt. He would feel a heat in his cheeks as he turned red, and that uncontrollable defeat would lead the others to push him further.’

(Oh, by the way, enjoy the following relaxing song whilst reading this blog.

The above sentences are the first three from the book that I am currently writing (therefore will be prone to much editing once I’ve finished), which is currently entitled ‘The Woman‘. It’s the sequel to ‘The Cylinder‘, therefore for this alliterative theme I have done my best to avoid any spoilers.

Unlike in the NEXT theme (don’t read if you don’t want any idea of what happens in book 1)

Spoiler Sunday

Yeah like I’d spoil my book. Ha.

Six-sentence Sunday (names replaced with ‘She’ to avoid spoilers)

‘She moved through the building like a shadow in the dark. Now alone, she had no one else to slow her down, and she had always been good at keeping hidden.

She had already made up her mind about what to do. She could lend her skills to the battle, and help the people that had offered her shelter for the last few weeks. But that would likely see her killed.

And then she saw someone amongst the intruders that she recognised.’

Supportive Sunday

You keep kicking ass, reader.

Sales person Sunday

Check out ‘The Cylinder’ (you can always download a free sample to see if you like it).

It can be found at: